KOULtools AN Hose Assembly Made Easy

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AN Hose Assembly Tool


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KOULtools™ are simple to use and will save time and fingers
from the frayed ends of a braided hose.

  • After choosing the correct "KOULtool™" for your fittings socket size, simply place the socket and adaptor (if required ) into the KOULtools™ and clamp it into a vise.

  • Lube the funnel entrance and twist the hose into the socket.

  • Check to see if the hose is in position.

  • You are done in seconds!

KOUL Tools AN Hose Assembly Tool - How It Works


KOUL Tools - How To Build A Complete AN Hose Assembly

     To accommodate all the different manufactures variance's in fitting's size, adaptors are required. The kits come with the adaptors. Their function is to tighten up the socket in the tool. The tool performs best when the entry of the socket is tight up against the funnel portion of the tool.
     A Sleeve is also provided to keep all -16 (except Russell) nuts from turning in the tool. The tool will not perform if the nut turns.

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