KOULtools AN Hose Assembly Made Easy

KoulTools Wrestling with AN Hoses and Push-On fittings? Koultools™ will save you time, frustration and bloody fingertips.


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Dick's Shop TipsAN Hose Assembly Made Easy

Does assembling AN hose and push-on fittings drive you nuts?

It will ease your mind to know that KOULtools has a real solution for high
performance plumbing that makes assembling hose and fittings so much easier. 
The EZ-ON Hose Press and AN Hose Assembly Tools will put those rascals together in seconds!  No more sweating!  No more swearing!  No more bloody fingertips.

KOULtools AN Hose Assemply Made Easy

Stopping Pesky Leaks

Don't you wish there was a way to clean up flared tubing ends before assembly? 

Well, we've come up with a tool that does just that - the Surseat Line Lapper.  Before you assemble your fluid transfer lines, it's important to make sure that the flare on the tube has a nice finish.  The Surseat gives you that "lapped" finish.

Surseat P-51
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